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Rapheus's News

Posted by Rapheus - December 19th, 2012

It's about dang time I upload something new.

This is an interacive animation in the same vein as Cliff Madness and Ravine Madness.

Have a look here!

New Animation! To Hell and Back!

Posted by Rapheus - September 23rd, 2012

Well shame on me, I didn't release a new animation, but I've got something special in the works, kiddies.
Hopefully it'll be ready fairly soon.
So go check out some quality Madness tribute animations!

Happy -belated- Madness Day!

Posted by Rapheus - August 30th, 2012

New animation. It was supposed to be for April Fools day, but alas, Fallout.

So enjoy it, kiddies!

I respond to every review.

Rapheus Goes to Hell!

Posted by Rapheus - June 23rd, 2012

To my patient fans:

Yes, I'm still alive. The problem is I'm moderately busy and all free time is consumed with the recently discovered Fallout series. Alas, my animation time has suffered.

As consolation, have a screenie from all of my current works in progress. Sorry about the dead air recently.

You haven't seen the last of Rapheus!

EDIT (8/27)
So I've finished the next animation, but I'm waiting on flash ad approval. Anyone else have trouble with that?

Where's the initiative?

Posted by Rapheus - March 5th, 2012

Making a music video.
It's actually pretty fun.

Here it comes

Posted by Rapheus - February 14th, 2012

Here is my contribution to this day. You may hate this day, you may love this day, but hopefully this animation has something for everyone. Enjoy and tell me what you thought!

...It's Valentime!

Posted by Rapheus - February 11th, 2012

Well guys, Valentine's Day is Tuesday. It sure snuck up on me this year. Look for the latest 'massacre-themed' animation on V-day.

What time is it?

Posted by Rapheus - January 6th, 2012

Started the Valentime 2012 animation last night. It's another Wal-Mart one, so go ahead and look foreword to that.

Oh, and here's a fun little pic I put together. All of the MadSeth characters/names are from a movie series I made with my friends years ago, The Legend of Seth. Mind Blown.

Hey, there, 2012!

Posted by Rapheus - December 24th, 2011

This is my Christmas submission, MadSeth X-Mas Special 3. Go watch it, then tell me your thoughts. Hope you all have a fun and safe Christmas, and you all get what you want. See you next year!

MadSeth X-Mas Special 3!

Posted by Rapheus - December 12th, 2011

Well well well, It seems I've finally found time to make a new animation! Look for it on Christmas Eve.
Anyone play Arkham City?

Hey, guys! It's almost Christmas!